Inshore Skipper Course by Asian Yachting Academy (AYA)

Cant travel overseas? Why not learn a new skill while being in the outdoors and on the sea at the same time?

The Inshore Skipper Course conducted by Asian Yachting Academy (AYA) will do just that for you. In this average of 40-50 hrs course (depending on level of individual’s competencies), you will learn all about sailing and earn yourself the Inshore Skipper Certification issued by the Institute of Sailing School Associations that is recognised internationally. 

 The outcome of the course will is to equip you with the knowledge, experience and decision-making process to prepare you for your own bareboat charters around the world.

The Sailing experience is where you will never fail to learn something new every day.

From learning about the parts of the yacht, tying a bowline, berthing a sailboat, managing some unforeseen circumstances, to reading the weather, we’ve got you all covered in this exciting Inshore Skipper Course.

At the end of the course, you will be part of an ever-growing community of Inshore Skippers where opportunities for expeditions and new learnings is present throughout the year.

So join us in this exciting voyage.

We can’t travel, but you can sail! Let the wind guide you and water direct you!